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I was more the pink sheep of the family and among my friends -- the only one with aspirations of creativity, always writing, painting, drawing, and doodling.  I was awkward and never fit in...I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks in silence, pretending to be okay, pretending to be what other people wanted me to be, trying to keep them happy, not rock the boat...and more than anything I wish I had known back then that it was all perfectly okay to just be myself and not try so hard to be something I wasn't, because it only caused me that much more stress by hiding my struggles.   

Only after becoming an aunt to amazing nephews and nieces, becoming a mom to two incredible children, and learning from all of them, did I get into journaling, creative journaling specifically, and it really started to make a difference, helped me to realize that my quirks, my anxiety, my creativity and hopeful, sunny view of the world were all simply part of what made me, ME...and when it came down to it, I liked the person I was/am.  It didn’t matter what anyone else thought of me; it only mattered that I made myself proud, I tried my best daily and stayed a kind and happy person, because that is the type of person I choose to continue to be.


Once I started to share my art, it then opened up a whole other world, but more than that, it gave me the confidence to follow dreams I’ve had since being the little pink sheep…and I love it.  I love bright and fun artwork, making people smile, sharing positivity, and inspiring others to find their own uniqueness and creativity.


My hope with Aunt Stacy Books is to inspire children and youth to express themselves their way, now--not years from now--because mental and emotional health are so important, and simply being yourself is a BIG part of both.  I hope to encourage them to be their amazing, extraordinary selves, to follow their dreams, and find joy in every single day.


As an author and reinvented artist, I believe all dreams are possible and life holds no end of inspiration for finding happiness and humor in the most unexpected places. So, shine bright, Sunshine, because every day is a blessing and an opportunity. 


​Peace, joy, and creativity,

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If you doodled a page about yourself, about your likes and interests, about

things that make you, YOU...what would it look like?

If you try it and want to share, be sure to tag me by using


on Instagram so I can celebrate your creativity with you! 


I share more inspiration, tips, tricks, sample

journal spreads, and more on Instagram and TikTok.

Find me at: @auntstacybooks

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